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Our Mission

Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. is a full service photogrammetric mapping and geospatial data firm. Our mission is to be recognized worldwide as the number one aerial survey company of choice. We are committed to provide the best quality, flexibility, customer service, and performance in the industry. Our goal is to build strong relationships, demand safety at all levels of operation and continue to support the entrepreneurial spirit that has been the cornerstone of our company's rich heritage.

Our Products and Services

Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. provides Aerial Photography, Digital Mapping, LiDAR, GIS Base Maps, Digital Oblique Imagery Parcel Mapping, Digital Orthophotography and related products. We at Williams offer a full service photogrammetric mapping and photographic firm with over 100 years of combined experience. View some of our products below to find out more information or click here for even more information about what Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. can offer to you.

Photogrammetric Mapping

Photogrammetric Mapping

Photogrammetric Mapping

The two major features of Photogrammetric Mapping are Planimetric and Topographic Mapping. Planimetric mapping includes and identifies physical features such as roads, buildings, and vegetation, while Topographic Mapping is a collection of break lines and spot elevations. This method of mapping is a primary source for the creation of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs). Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. has over 100 years of experience creating both planimetric and topographic maps.



Orthophotography is commonly used as base maps in the Geographic Information System (GIS). These maps are compiled with the collection of aerial photographs, which are oriented through trigonometric processes and then molded to the ground elevation data you prefer. After this process is complete, the final product is what is known as an Orthorectified Base Map.

LiDAR Collection

LiDAR Collection

Power companies take notice! Need LiDAR for your transmission lines? Think that the helicopter platform is the only way to get the point density you need? Williams has modified single engine, slow flying, fixed wing aircraft to run our LiDAR sensor. This combined with the high speeds achievable from the sensor itself will provide the point densities you need at a significant cost savings. Contact us today to discuss.

Our array of state of the art sensors allow us to acquire emulsion, digital and LiDAR data for your projects, on your schedule. Take a look at the variety of sensors we offer to see how we can accommodate your needs. Click here for more information.

Here at Williams we are proud to be able to offer a large variety of products. This is partially due to the array of sensors that we hold in our company possession. We are able to accommodate any current project you have or any project you will in the future. We hope that our sensor descriptions are informative and that any question you may have has been answered. However, if they were not we encourage you to ask any questions. Please visit our Contact page if there is anything we might be able to help with.

Trimble Harrier 68i

Leica RC30

UltraCam Falcon


Our fleet is located throughout North America giving us the ability to respond to your projects wherever they are. We take great pride in our ability to collect your required data in a timely manner. Currently Williams offers aircraft throughout North America. Take a look at our current fleet by clicking here.

Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. currently operates 26 aircraft that have been modified and specially equipped for aerial survey operation. All Williams' aircraft are versatile, dependable, safe and cost effective, making our fleet ideally suited for survey work. We have a variety of options for all your survey needs.

Current Aircraft Fleet

Cessna 172's with 10 inch hole
Cessna T206's with 20 x 20 inch hole
Piper Aztecs with 22 x 22 inch hole

Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. has a rich history in the creation of planimetric and topographic maps. Beginning as the photogrammetry department with Clyde E. Williams and Associates, the company had its origins in 1941. Today Williams is a thriving firm of Professional Photogrammetrists. We look forward to hearing from you as you search out the right fit for your project.

Our headquarters are located in South Bend, Indiana. The type of services we provide allows us to complete your project regardless of where it is located. All of the data is processed at our office by our certified photogrammetrist team of experts. The professionals of Williams have completed a vast array of projects worldwide for local governments and private corporations. To find out more please feel free to learn about us and our history as well what we can do for you here.