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Sensors Available at Williams Aerial & Mapping Inc.

Our array of state of the art sensors allow us to acquire Geospatial Data for your projects, on your schedule. Take a look at the variety of sensors we offer below to see how we can accommodate your needs.

UltraCam Osprey 4.1 Phase One 880i
UltraCam Osprey 4.1 Phase One 880i

Here at Williams Aerial & Mapping, Inc. we are proud to be able to offer a large variety of products. This is partially due to the array of sensors we hold in our possession. We are able to accommodate any current project you have or any project that you will have in the future. We hope that our sensor descriptions are informative and that any question you may have has been answered. However, if they were not, we encourage you to ask us any question you may have. Please visit our Contact page if there is anything we might be able to help you with.

In addition to the company owned/operated sensors we have the ability to operate a variety of sensors listed below.

UltraCam Falcon Octoblique Riegl VQ-780i
UltraCam Falcon Octoblique 780i
  • PAN, color and NIR data captured in one pass.
  • Choice between two footprint sizes (14,430 pixels across or 17,310 pixels across) and two lens focal lengths (the standard 100mm Pan or wide angle 70mm Pan).
  • Solid-state image storage system that holds approximately 7,500 images (with 14,430 pixel footprint) and 5,200 images (with 17,310 pixel footprint).
  • Maximum frame rate 1.0 | 1.35 seconds per frame
  • Panchromatic physical pixel size: 7.2 μm (6.0 μm). Compatible with UltraNav flight management and direct georeferencing system from Applanix

Williams Aerial & Mapping is the first company to purchase and own the first Lead' Air OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS 9 camera octoblique located in the United States. Williams will be using the MIDAS to provide imagery to our own customers, as well as offering to subcontract out the MIDAS system to other companies that wish to use the unique 9 camera system for their own individual projects.

The OCTOBLIQUE is an unique sensor that uses nine Nikon D810 cameras that feature a 50mm nadir lens in the middle surrounded by eight 85mm oblique lenses around the central camera. The system is also fitted with an Applanix 510 IMU. The Octoblique imaging system that utilizes one vertical and 8 oblique cameras spaced at 45° around the central camera to form a 360° view. The system has added four more cameras to cover more areas and covering every angle to prevent blind spots.