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Premier Aerial Survey Solutions

Williams Aerial & Mapping Inc currently owns 26 aircraft that have been modified and specially equipped for aerial survey operation. All of Williams' aircraft are versatile, dependable, safe and cost effective, making our fleet ideally suited for survey work. We have a variety of options for your surveying needs.

Optimization of these aircraft includes a fleet that is fully equipped with a 24 volt, 100 amp alternators and 30 amp breakers for the camera power. They are fitted with Active L1/L2 Glonass + L1/L2 GPS + Galileo. We have various sensor mounting plate's which cover nearly any sensor that has been produced; which, combined with the variety in size of the aircraft holes and hatches gives us the opportunity to use your sensor if you need us to.

While most of the aircraft are rated to achieve a maximum altitude to fly at 25,000 ft., we also have single engine Cessna 206's that Williams has modified for slow flying to run our LiDAR sensor. This combined with the high speeds achievable from the sensor itself will provide the point densities your need at a significant cost savings. Our aircraft are capable of covering all possible collection opportunities.

The Williams Aerial & Mapping fleet is available for hire on long or short-term lease. We provide the pilot and offer wet or dry rates. We also have aircraft currently based throughout Europe & the United States, including Hawaii.

Current Planes Available